Inner Scenes


                                                  progressive music
Inner Scenes is a contemporary music project. We make progressive music which is influenced mostly by rock, reggae and jazz.
The title stands for visionary inner states of mind one might experience listening to the music...
Current members of our Amsterdam based band which started end of 2020 are: Rob (drums), Barry (guitar),  Youri (guitar), Johnny (bass), Nihal (vocals) and Christiaan  (keys / song writing).
Inner Scenes has quite a bit of history and was originally a metalband started by Lodewijk and Christiaan in 2004 during our student years.  Over the years there have been varying formations. Other notable members have been Thierry, Michiel, Harold, Rob (this was a different Rob than we have now!) as well as many others who played a short while with us.
(In the future some of the alternative rock material will be made available by Johnny and me.)